Punjabi Typing Course

Navchetna organised a Punjabi Typing Course for its students from 8th till the 21st of September. The main objective was to make them feel comfortable using the computer. It also helped them learn different commands and features of the softwares used. This initiative will help them become computer savvy and more confident in life. The list of students who did the course and the feedback given by them are given below:

1. JATIN MAHAJAN - It has enhanced my computer typing, knowledge and speed.
2. NARESH KUMAR - I have learnt more commands on a keyboard. I enjoyed the course.
3. SUKHPREET SINGH - Increase my typing speed and very informative.
4. HARVINDER SINGH - It was very useful in my studies.
5. JAGDEEP SINGH - It boosted up my computer knowledge. It's really great and helpful.
6. SARABJOT SINGH - It magnified my typing skills. It was very interesting and given me the desire to learn more.
7. VEER DAVINDER SINGH - It has improved my typing skills and was very educative.
8. RAJDEEP KAUR - It was very useful in my studies and enjoyed the learning experience.

Punjabi Typing Course1


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